The Collapse of the Human Labor Force

The Job Apocalypse. It’s difficult to understand and appreciate why the U.S. and global economies are in so much trouble today without understanding the truth about the unemployment rate and why automation and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly gobbling up nearly all human jobs. Despite the high-spun propaganda emanating from Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley, this is […]

Ayn Rand’s Welfare Secret

The Birth of an Ayn Rand Disciple. I was an avid fan of Ayn Rand for most of my life. I devoured her books, including Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, and her nonfiction essays. I thought Objectivism and its more popular cousin, Libertarianism, were the keys to every form of human progress and enlightenment. I despised all […]

The Delusional Myth of Artificial Intelligence

The phrase “artificial intelligence” is a philosophical descendant of the debunked myth of the Sun revolving around the Earth: Both concepts are anthropocentric and egocentric perceptions of a false reality that humans have conjured to feed their need for self-importance. Wanting to feel important isn’t necessarily a bad thing (Who doesn’t want to feel important to […]