The Emerging Crypto Banking Cartel

Commercial Agenda vs. Open Source Crypto Ethos. There’s nothing wrong with for-profit companies seeking to maximize profit as long as they’re doing it in an ecosystem-sustainable way, just like there’s nothing wrong with sharks eating baby seals in an ecosystem-sustainable way. We all know sharks have to eat because that’s what sharks do. However, the […]

FIRE & Wealth Concentration

To understand the purpose and value of our Gini Blockchain and why it’s different from any other blockchain, it’s useful to review why several fiat currency economies are collapsing in many countries today. Economic Power = Political Power. Wealth concentration creates distortions in an economy because it gives certain groups enough economic power to control […]

Capitalism & Cyborgs: Making Humanity More Resilient

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about the clash between science and ethics. Below is a brief summary of my response to him. The Concept of Eugenics Highlights the Conflict Between Science and Ethics. The Eugenics issue is such an interesting topic because it is one of the clearest and most intense examples […]

Abortion & the Value of Human Life

Value Systems Should be Based on Facts. The values of a society are either based on facts or they are not. If values are not based on facts, then they are based on delusions, fantasies, myths, lies, or propaganda (i.e., half-truths and deception to conceal truth). Societies with values based on lies and propaganda are […]

The Real Power of the Mind-Body Connection

Most adults understand the mind has a powerful impact on how the body responds to events in our lives. However, I still meet many accomplished and educated people who scoff at the possibility that they might be underestimating how much their perception of stress in their lives is responsible for creating their physical ailments. This article explores this interesting phenomenon.   The Epidemic […]

Debunking the Collapsing Gulf Stream Theory

Introduction to The Gulf Stream Collapse Theory. Since the late 1980s, there has been interesting research (and here and here) into the impact that the melting Greenland Ice Sheet has on the Gulf Stream, which is the “conveyor belt” that transfers warm water from the South Atlantic Ocean to the North Atlantic. In short, the idea is […]

The Solution to the Climate Change Debate

Evidence of Climate Change. Human activity does not explain the past 100 million years of global warming and cooling cycles, nor does it necessarily cause super storms and other severe weather. However, there have been numerous historically rapid climate changes occurring, including: rising global sea levels, rising global atmospheric temperatures, rising global ocean temperatures, shrinking glaciers, shrinking […]