This Is How Democracy Dies

Self-Censorship Destroys Accountability and Democracy. A free society and a free press are required to protect citizens from government and corporate tyranny. But when five gigantic corporations own and control the vast majority of all media and news companies throughout a country, journalists have no meaningful freedom to report on facts and citizens have no […]

Do You Need More Proof?

This article is a follow-up to Is U.S. Foreign Policy Controlled by Corporations? No matter how much evidence you present to some people, they still cannot escape their propaganda bubbles. So, this article provides years’ worth of high-quality reading material for anybody who doubts the credibility of anything in any of the articles or books at […]

Is U.S. Foreign Policy Controlled by Corporations?

In the Beginning. . . American foreign policy has been an influential driver of global economic and geopolitical affairs for over two centuries. After the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788 and throughout most of the 19th Century, the nascent U.S. Government was primarily focused on consolidating its geographical borders and political power within […]

Neoliberal Case Study: The United States

This article was originally in my recent book, GINI: Capitalism, Cryptocurrencies, and the Battle for Human Rights. However, some people said it was too data-heavy for the book’s general audience. So, this article now lives here. To begin this case study, let’s examine a snapshot of the U.S. economy because the ideology of Neoliberalism has […]

The Emerging Crypto Banking Cartel

Commercial Agenda vs. Open Source Crypto Ethos. There’s nothing wrong with for-profit companies seeking to maximize profit as long as they’re doing it in an ecosystem-sustainable way, just like there’s nothing wrong with sharks eating baby seals in an ecosystem-sustainable way. We all know sharks have to eat because that’s what sharks do. However, the […]

FIRE & Wealth Concentration

To understand the purpose and value of our Gini Blockchain and why it’s different from any other blockchain, it’s useful to review why several fiat currency economies are collapsing in many countries today. Economic Power = Political Power. Wealth concentration creates distortions in an economy because it gives certain groups enough economic power to control […]

We Are Paying the Price for Realpolitik

Many American political scientists and commentators seem to be oblivious to the long history of American intervention in Syria since the late 1940s. They also seem to ignore western exploitation in the Middle East since at least 1908 when the British Petroleum Corporation sabotaged and exploited Iranian and Iraqi political and economic systems for generations.[1] […]

Blockchain Patent War Coming

Bank of America has more blockchain patents than any other company on Earth, including IBM, Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley tech companies (Bloomberg). JPMorgan and Wells Fargo also have a relatively large number of blockchain patents. And banking corporations in general have already collected a large percentage of total issued blockchain patents. Why? I […]

What Is Our “National Interest”?

I was recently asked, “Why is the U.S. Government involved in Afghanistan?” Aside from the idiotic “War on Terror” justification given by the Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations since 2001, many people still believe that American “interests” are served by nation-building in every nook and cranny of our planet. So, let’s briefly explore the concept […]

When the Media Fails, Countries Fail

It’s amusing to see how the U.S. Government’s fiscal policies are covered by the mainstream press. For example, in headlines like “Rand Paul delays budget vote as shutdown looms hours away” and “Rand Paul was holding up the Senate’s vote on a massive budget deal” (CNBC example here), even many people with fiscally conservative instincts […]