Abortion & the Value of Human Life

Value Systems Should be Based on Facts. The values of a society are either based on facts or they are not. If values are not based on facts, then they are based on delusions, fantasies, myths, lies, or propaganda (i.e., half-truths and deception to conceal truth). Societies with values based on lies and propaganda are […]

Democracy Building for Dummies

Until and unless the U.S. Congress and White House provide a more functional model of Democracy for other countries to emulate, we can expect our planet to continue along its current path: global economic and social suffering, state devolution, civil wars, regional conflicts, and a relatively high probability of another devastating world war during our […]

Unknown Truth or Untrue Conspiracy?

Why is Truth Often Disregarded as a Conspiracy Theory? This is an important question because a society that can’t distinguish between truth and untrue conspiracy will inevitably suffer a breakdown in its economic, political, and social systems. As a former Cryptological Linguist and Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Government with a Top-Secret security clearance, I […]

The Mind of a Corrupt Organization

In “Unknown Truth or Untrue Conspiracy?” and “Is Institutional Corruption Only a Conspiracy Theory?” we learned about some of the most shocking government and corporate “conspiracy theories” that are actually true, despite self-serving governments, corporations, and political operatives who try to convince us that they are merely conspiracy theories. In this article, we’re going to […]

Is Institutional Corruption Only a Conspiracy Theory?

This article is intended as a map to hundreds of documented sources of government and corporate corruption and malfeasance. From now on, if you ever see anybody say, “It’s not that bad” or “that’s just a conspiracy theory,” now you can cure their delusions by pointing them to this article. All credit for the following […]

A Snapshot of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a British politician, military veteran, journalistic war correspondent, and Nobel Prize-winning author of numerous historical and literary works. He served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. His leadership during World War II is widely regarded as the most significant factor leading to the British victory in the […]

The Versailles Treaty and Its Discontents

The hostilities between Germany and the Allied Powers during World War I officially ended with the signing of an armistice on November 18, 1918. Thereafter, the Treaty of Versailles, executed on June 28, 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference, was the first of several international treaties and agreements after World War I. However, the Treaty […]

The Fall of Hard Power

The Biggest Mistake of the 20th Century. “If we can’t persuade nations with comparable values of the merit of our cause, we’d better re-examine our reasoning,” said Robert McNamara, former U.S. Secretary of Defense. During McNamara’s tenure in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, he was responsible for guiding American military operations—and indeed much of American […]

The Systemic Illusion of American Democracy

Why is the U.S. Political System Dominated by Two Political Parties? This is the first logical question that every American should ask immediately after they are potty trained. Conspiracy theories abound, but we don’t need conspiracy theories when the structure of the system itself is the cause of the problem. The answer to this question […]

How Did Hitler Rise to Power so Quickly?

I’ve seen many people ask questions like, “How was it possible for Hitler to amass so much power so quickly without any resistance from the other European countries?” This is an important question because the answer reveals how dictators can rise quickly when geopolitical conditions create cultures of fear. Today, we are entering a new […]