A Snapshot of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a British politician, military veteran, journalistic war correspondent, and Nobel Prize-winning author of numerous historical and literary works. He served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. His leadership during World War II is widely regarded as the most significant factor leading to the British victory in the […]

Political Redemption & Reconciliation

No Demonizing. I have met numerous members of Congress and many unelected federal officials who I sincerely believe are thoughtful, passionate public servants. Many of them really do have an authentic desire and intention to serve their country. And to their credit, they wake up every day and see the dysfunction in government and do their best […]

Corruption & The Path to Political Purgatory

Syndrome of Distortions. With the exception of economically destructive natural disasters, every financial or political crisis is caused by either a corrupt regulatory process, prodigal fiscal policy, short-sighted monetary policy, or all of the above. Distortions in any one of these three processes can cause great damage to a nation’s economy and its democratic processes. This […]

Beware of the Congressional Experience Myth

“Is experience in Congress required to be a good congressional representative?” This question is rooted in a common misconception perpetuated by the politicians themselves and all the lobbyists and staffers who feed from the trough of the existing political establishment. As we learned previously, the reality is that approximately 80% of a politician’s time is consumed by […]

The Bridge Between Dream and Reality

Undisciplined Societies Cannot Compete in a Global Economy. Many people no longer believe wealth is created from hard work, discipline and patience. In fact, these concepts are so repulsive to some people these days that I had to consider whether to even include them in the first paragraph of this article. That brief, seemingly benign but […]