Democracy & Capitalism Depend on Clear Language

Obscure Language Sabotages Democracy & Capitalism. Most of the content of my books and articles are written using words that are generally simple enough for a reasonably intelligent 12-year-old child to understand. This is important because many politicians, corporate executives, and financial commentators in the media frequently describe economic and political events in ways that are either technically false to promote a biased agenda or filled with so many buzz words that many people don’t really understand what they’re saying. This can be disastrous for Democracy and Capitalism because it allows so-called “experts” to do things to a country that the citizens would never tolerate if they fully understood what the experts were doing.


Political Labels Conceal Ignorance, Insecurity, and Manipulation. You should never let anybody try to reduce an economic or public policy discussion to vague labels and buzzwords like “Keynesianism,” “Austrian School,” “Marxism,” “Communism,” “Socialism,” “Liberal,” “Conservative,” “Republican,” “Democrat,” “Libertarian,” etc. These conceptual labels have meanings that are easy for politicians and special interest groups to manipulate, which enables them to arbitrarily and opportunistically change the meaning of these labels depending on the time and place they are used. Without concrete and objective definitions, partisan political operatives and special interest groups can twist and stretch the meaning of these words to serve any agenda they want, which makes it difficult to hold them accountable for their actions.


Labels Often Reveal Bias and Lazy Thinking. Ideological labels are mental shortcuts, which are often misunderstood and used by lazy thinkers who don’t really know how to articulate the underlying mechanics of their own economic or political philosophies. Or worse, they might use these labels to intentionally push you into an ideological box to silence you or try to make you feel inferior so they don’t have to answer your important questions about how their policies work in the real world.


Demand Clarity at All Times. Always insist that politicians and corporate executives explain their policies to you in simple, clear language that makes logical sense to a 12-year old child. There is nothing complicated about the fundamental principles of economics, supply and demand, corporate regulation, the rule of law, liberty, ethical leadership, environmental stewardship, and all the other concepts that children can and should understand well enough to thoughtfully hold their political and business leaders accountable when they’re adults. If citizens of all ages do not demand clarity, truth and justice from their elected officials, then there is nothing to prevent self-serving politicians and special interest groups from engaging in blatantly reckless behaviors that destroy a society’s trust in Democracy and Capitalism.

About Ferris Eanfar

Ferris Eanfar has over 20 years of experience in technical, financial, media, and government intelligence environments. He has written dozens of articles and several books in the fields of Economics, Crypto-Economics, and International Political Economy, including Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It and GINI: Capitalism, Cryptocurrencies & the Battle for Human Rights and the Global Governance Scorecard. Ferris is a cofounder of the Gini Foundation, which builds unique cryptocurrency systems to protect human rights, among other benefits; and the CEO of the AngelPay Foundation, a nonprofit financial services company with a mission to “return wealth and power to the creators of value.” To learn more about Ferris, please visit the About Ferris page.

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