About Eanfar.org

Content: This website contains many of my own articles, essays, book excerpts, and primary-source documents from the founding of the United States; previously classified CIA, NSA, and federal government archives; and various other historically significant documents to provide deeper context and understanding as you explore my work. The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, and previously secret federal government correspondence are important because they provide insight into the toxic political circus that exists in the United States today.


Inspiration: When I was younger I often wished I had a mentor who could answer all the questions I had about economics, geopolitical events, political systems, environmental issues, science and technology trends, and the major issues that impact our lives everyday. I had several good friends who collectively understood a few of these topics, but nobody I knew understood them all well enough to explain how they are interconnected and how they all directly impact our lives in specific ways everyday. This gave me a feeling of uncertainty about the intentions of the federal government, corporations, the media, and other institutional pillars of modern civilization. Given how destructive persistent uncertainty can be to the human mind, I set out to learn and eliminate as much of my ignorance and uncertainty as possible, which set me on an interesting life path.


Mentors: I have a long list of mentors and most of them died before I was born. They were nonpartisan economic philosophers, philanthropically-minded titans of industry, passionate historians, compassionate humanitarian leaders, courageous military leaders, relatively uncorrupted political leaders, innovative technological geniuses, inquisitive scientists, creative artists, and insightful spiritual teachers. Indeed, I stand on the shoulders of many thoughtful, courageous, and insatiably curious humans who have bequeathed to me their most valuable treasures: the written distillation of their minds, which have serendipitously blessed me across time. To all of them, I am eternally grateful.


Nonpartisan: I don’t usually mention any of my spirit mentors by name to avoid getting ideologically pigeon-holed and sucked into partisan, label-infested, ideologically-driven, time-wasting flame wars. If you read my articles, books and the pages of this website, you’ll see that none of the cookie-cutter partisan labels apply to my work. I take the time to investigate every major topic by analyzing primary-source documents and nonpartisan technical experts (when necessary) to avoid the propaganda filters of partisan political operators who often try to steer us toward their particular special interest agendas. There should be no doubt that this website is a nonpartisan, special interest-free zone.


Personal Purpose: I created this website for all the people who feel they don’t have enough mentors in their lives. No matter how old we are, we can never have too many mentors. I’ve spent many years intensely working, traveling around the world, and studying all the topics presented on this website, which has given me unique opportunities to learn and develop an awareness about some important aspects of this planet and our Universe. As the years go by, I find ever-more people who are hungry for truth and justice, but they’re getting ever-less of both. For all of those people, welcome to my nonpartisan home online.


Public Interest: Democracy degenerates into wealth-consuming kleptocracy, liberty-stripping fascism, and dignity-eroding central planning when the citizens of a nation do not have accurate information about the actions and intentions of their government. As you can learn from the deep research and analysis reflected throughout this website, the actions and intentions that are publicly declared by the U.S. Government are often inconsistent with the actions, intentions, personal ambitions, and paternalistic hubris of the tiny group of elected and unelected humans who control the U.S. Government.


While attempting to represent the interests of their constituents, politicians are often compelled to satisfy their special interest benefactors. This dynamic creates significant conflicts of interest, opportunities for waste and abuse of taxpayer resources, institutional dysfunction, and a constant gravitational pull toward systemic corruption. For all these reasons, the information I provide on this website is a small but meaningful contribution to restoring trust in American Democracy and Capitalism.