The Truth About North Korea

trump-vs-kim-jong-unIf you have not seen this thought-provoking, free film on YouTube, please watch it. As you watch it, try to block out all your preconceived notions about North Korea, the United States, and Western culture in general. Don’t underestimate the power of your own subconscious biases and prejudices. Clearing the garbage from our minds is much harder than many people realize!

Brainwashing, Lies, and False Assumptions that Destroy the American Mind. It will be easy for many Americans to ignore the film just like they ignored Osama bin Laden’s videos and the Middle East before 9/11. If something is true, it can’t rationally be dismissed as propaganda, but many Americans will see the film and incorrectly assume the following:

  • The messages, footage, and events presented are probably taken out of context for propaganda purposes.
  • The source of the video discredits everything in it. (Read to the end of this article to see the shocking actual source.)
  • The U.S. government couldn’t possibly be as corrupt, deceptive, and destructive to our world as depicted.
  • Corporatism is the natural outcome of free-market Capitalism.
  • Zombie consumerism is the inevitable outcome of Capitalism.
  • Obscene concentration of wealth and power is the inevitable outcome of Capitalism.
  • The U.S. is not even close to being a Fascist state.
  • The “Deep State” is just a conspiracy theory.
  • U.S. presidential elections matter and there are meaningful differences between the two dominant parties.
  • The U.S. Government (USG) has made some mistakes, but it’s generally a force for good in the world.
  • The U.S. political system is not perfect, but it’s not as corrupt as those “other” countries.
  • The people rioting against the economic and political systems in the U.S. and around the world today must be misguided, lazy, and/or ignorant about the benefits of Capitalism.
  • There are winners and losers from globalization, but on balance, there are many more winners than losers.
  • The U.S. media is biased, but it’s easy to detect and ignore the bias; so they don’t need to expose themselves to a broad array of other non-U.S. news sources to get the complete picture (e.g., RT, Aljazeera, BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Haaretz, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, and others that refuse to be bullied by the USG and don’t depend upon so-called “access” to U.S. politicians to produce their news and incomes.)
  • Even if most (or all) of the information presented in the film is true, there’s nothing we can do about it.

For all the people who can escape the U.S. propaganda bubble and analyze the real data and facts, it’s obvious that all the assumptions above are false.

Many Americans Are Still Unaware of Their Government’s History. The film does not only illustrate how North Koreans perceive the U.S.; it illustrates how virtually every country on Earth perceives the U.S. today. Even the people in our allied countries are aware of the facts and events presented in the film. When you talk to most non-U.S. citizens around the world today about any of the issues presented in the film, you will see an overwhelming majority of them are fully aware of the USG’s economic oppression, human atrocities, systemic corruption, constant warmongering, and other problems. It is only Americans who are often ignorant of our government’s atrocious history because our government controls and coerces the U.S. media to conceal, ignore, and diminish the severity of the USG’s corruption and human atrocities.

The Film is Well-Documented and Verified. I served in the U.S. Air Force and worked in the U.S. Intelligence Community for years; so I’m not somebody who seeks only to find the worst elements of my country. But I also don’t like living in fantasy land and ignoring facts and reality when huge existential problems are threatening all of humanity. That’s why I’ve spent the past five years researching, investigating, and verifying every major issue presented in the film for my own nonpartisan books about the U.S. economic and political systems. That’s why I have the nonpartisan data, research materials, books, sources, etc. to confirm that everything in the film is substantively accurate and fairly presented in their proper historical context.

Understanding the North Korean Mind. Imagine if North Korea did the following to the United States:

  • Invaded the U.S. in 1871.
  • Instigated multiple conflicts to sabotage our sovereignty and economy (early 1900s).
  • Brutally occupied and geographically divided the U.S. in half without our permission (post-WWII deal with Russia five years before the Korean War).
  • Installed, armed, and funded a corrupt puppet dictator (Syngman Rhee) who continuously and brutally oppressed “leftists” and the “other side” of our country, leading to a bloody civil war inside our country. (Ignited the Korean War.)
  • Korean War Bombings

  • Destroyed literally every major American city by dropping more bombs on us than all the bombs dropped within the entire WWII Pacific Theater combined (Korean War).
  • Systematically slaughtered 20-25% of the entire American population (equivalent to 65-80 million Americans today).1
  • Destroyed literally all our national infrastructure and farm lands.
  • Blocked us from rebuilding our country with decades of economic sanctions and political sabotage.
  • Operated nearly 1,000 military bases around the world and dozens around our border.
  • Demanded that we never build weapons to defend our country against future attacks.
  • . . .

The Reality You Will Never Hear from the USG or U.S. Media. In reality, the USG perpetrated all those crimes against North Korea, all of which were funded by American citizens with no clue about what their government was doing in their name. 2 3 4 5 6 If North Korea did those things to us, it’s reasonable to assume that we all would be outraged and distrustful of their intentions. That’s how North Koreans feel today, which is why they will fight a U.S. invasion with the same intensity as Vietnam until every last Korean above the 38th Parallel is dead. Is that what you want, America?

The Film Reveals and Respects Truth. Before I discovered who really produced it, I was amazed that the producers of the film resisted the temptation to inject gratuitous misrepresentations into it. (You’ll understand why later.) Although, for anybody who has ever escaped the U.S. propaganda bubble for any significant period of time, they know the truth is already so lurid and horrific that the producers of the film didn’t need to embellish or exaggerate anything. Indeed, the reality is more disgusting than anything they could fabricate. Anybody who doubts this does not truly understand the history of the USG and the nature and mechanics of the U.S. political and economic systems.

This is Why the USG is Going to War with North Korea (Again). Based on South Korean and Western media depictions, Kim Jong-un appears to be a spoiled, sociopathic dictator, but he is much more than that, which is why the USG is coming after him so ferociously. Kim Jong-un knows the truth about what the USG did to his country and he knows the truth about what the USG is doing to our world today. He is justifiably outraged and he appears to be one of the few political leaders on Earth today who is not afraid to stand up to the USG’s propaganda and war machines. (Yes, he appears to be a crazy tyrant, too, but his tyranny is not what is destroying the U.S. economy, the U.S. Middle Class, the U.S. political system, global peace and prosperity worldwide today. We can thank the crazy domestic tyrants within the USG for that.7)

Kim Jong-un Has Become the Fidel Castro of Asia. The primary reason Kim Jong-un is threatening Guam is because it’s one of the largest American military bases on Earth with one of the largest stockpiles of American weapons on Earth. If any country was storing the largest cache of weapons in the Western Hemisphere in Cuba or Hawaii, do you think the USG would tolerate that? Of course not—that’s what ignited the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. So let’s not pretend that anybody on this planet likes being threatened for decades with a mountain of weapons in their backyard. In fact, Kim Jong-un has taken the moral high ground in this conflict already, which Fidel Castro did in Cuba for decades. This will make it increasingly difficult for the USG to attack North Korea without looking like a blood-thirsty aggressor (again) and losing the PR war.

This is the Deep State in Action. The Deep State thinks destroying Kim Jong-un’s regime is desirable, but it will inevitably lead to another American taxpayer-funded quagmire and endless problems with China, Japan, and their neighbors. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not want their taxes wasted on endless wars and quagmires, but Democracy in America is merely an illusion. The rhetoric of the two dominant political parties today is only superficially different, but the outcomes of their economic and foreign policies have been virtually identical since the Reagan Administration. This is because the political parties, Congress, and President no longer have any meaningful control over U.S. economic and foreign policy. The Deep State controls the USG today, regardless of who is elected.8

How to Achieve Nuke-Free Peace with North Korea. If the USG was serious about peace and projecting real, meaningful, enduring strength and leadership on the Korean Peninsula, it would:

  • Offer to help North Korea develop its natural resources (among the largest in the world), in collaboration with China and their neighbors.
  • Conduct a legitimate Truth and Reconciliation Commission to acknowledge the USG’s war crimes before, during, and after the Korean War.9
  • Broker formal peace and reunification treaties between North and South Korea, which the majority of all Koreans in the North and South have wanted for decades, but have been blocked by the USG in various ways.
  • Lift the economic sanctions against North Korea.
  • Commit to being a fair-minded global trading partner.

North Korea’s Obligations. In exchange for the incentives above, North Korea would certainly be willing to halt its nuclear arms development and establish an independent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) office in the country, which would have unrestricted access to inspect all of North Korea’s decommissioned nuclear sites. This would make it virtually impossible for Kim Jong-un’s regime to cheat on the terms of the treaty. Then, as the North Korean economy started to grow and diversify, it would create political pressure on the regime to continue the economic development by keeping its promises. That would lead to healthy economic and political reforms, which would peacefully constrain Kim Jong-un’s (ostensibly) erratic behavior.

Peace is Not Profitable for the Deep State. Despite the totally rational and viable solution described above, peace is not profitable for the creatures within the Deep State (i.e., the military-media-banking-lobbying-surveillance-industrial complex), which means we can expect the current and future U.S. administrations to continuously push us into war using all kinds of false and deceptive propaganda. We can expect thousands more innocent humans to die unnecessarily. We can expect approximately 99.7% of Americans to lose more of their life savings paying for another discretionary war, illicitly engineered to divert more of our national wealth into the military-media-banking-lobbying-surveillance-industrial complex.

War with North Korea Will Accelerate Our Own Economic Collapse. It may not be easy to see or believe if you’re trapped inside the U.S. propaganda bubble (the most sophisticated in human history), but the U.S. economy and our global economy today are systemically unstable and will inevitably collapse much harder than in 2008. This will cause unprecedented worldwide pain and suffering. A war with North Korea will accelerate the collapse. When the global economy collapses, it will be replaced with something. That “something” will come in stages, but the first stage should resemble the solutions presented in my book. The Deep State will fight to preserve the status quo. Americans must not allow that to happen.

Americans: Please, Escape the Propaganda Bubble! For all the reasons above, I published one of my books to present explanations and solutions for many of the socioeconomic and geopolitical problems depicted in the film. I’ve also written about how Artificial Intelligence, fraudulent employment data, and censorship are amplifying all these problems. These materials are intended to help Americans see and understand what the rest of the world already knows. Unless they are exposing themselves to a wide array of non-U.S. news sources, many Americans have no clue what their government is really doing domestically and around the world today.

Drumroll . . . Who Really Produced the Film? If you think it was the North Korean Government, think again. In fact, it was a New Zealand group who wanted to create a documentary about the impact of Western propaganda on our world by using the structural format of propaganda, but without the lies and deception of propaganda. It’s a brilliant work of truthful art because the mood and tone is like all good propaganda, but nothing is presented substantially out of context and every image and statement within the film can be verified with publicly available, credible documents and sources. The documentary has won several awards. Without a doubt, it’s the most powerful and succinct snapshot of the most destructive elements of Western culture and American foreign policy today. The next question is: What to do about it? Read Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It for an important part of the solution.


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4. To understand why the USG did all these things, search for “NSC 68” to learn more about the unjustified delusional paranoia that consumed the USG after WWII, which directly caused the Cold War and dozens of conflicts with “communist” countries worldwide. In fact, the USG applied the “communist” label to any person, group, or country that resisted USG domination of their economic and political systems.

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7. I say “appears to be a spoiled . . . crazy tyrant” because the U.S. and South Korean governments and media have lied about North Korea many times in the past; so we should not automatically believe anything they say. Yes, I know there are other sources that confirm his tyranny, too. Of course, I know he is a terrible guy.

8. This is not a conspiracy theory. The Deep State is real and relatively easy to understand and explain. See Mike Lofgren’s excellent book, The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government.

9. See the results of South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission:
Note: This commission accomplished a significant amount of work, but it’s just the beginning. The commission’s own report indicates the commission was severely constrained by political pressures to avoid damaging the reputations of living Korean and American officials. Considering the scale of the war crimes, there are many guilty people and their families who are still alive today. Many of them have protested fiercely to prevent their past transgressions from being revealed. This has slowed down the commission’s progress and resulted in a substantially incomplete record of the full extent of the atrocities committed by Korean and American officials during the period investigated. Nevertheless, the results that we can see so far are grotesque enough to give us a glimpse into the deep, devastating, and persistent atrocious behavior of the governments that committed the war crimes, which have been systematically covering up their war crimes for decades. This is a very common behavior of corrupt and oppressive organizations.

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