Warning: Risk of Death to Your Economy

Dangerous Products Should Have Warning Labels. Products that come with plastic bags that can suffocate and kill children have warning labels. Economic policies that can suffocate and kill a country’s economy should also have warning labels. For example, “Warning: Risk of Death to Your Economy” should be the label on all globalist economic policies. And […]

Comparing the Quality of German & U.S. Governments

Why is Government Quality So Important? The quality of a country’s governance is the most significant factor that determines the quality of life that it can provide to its citizens. The most significant factor that determines the quality of a country’s governance is the integrity of its government institutions and policymaking processes. Compared to the […]

Is Capitalism Undemocratic?

Like most aspects of life, the true nature of Capitalism and its impact on humanity can only be understood as continuously shifting shades of reality. Karl Marx famously stated that Democracy is undemocratic and he developed a philosophical framework to empower workers to improve their working conditions, which he believed could only improve if Capitalism […]

The Twin Tyrannies of the United Nations

There are two fundamental problems with the United Nations: representation and cost allocation. The problems can be summarized as follows: UN General Assembly Representation – Tyranny of a Population Minority. As an organization, the UN must do something on behalf of somebody. Without clarity about who the UN represents, it will not be able to […]

China’s IMF Victory: A 1,400-Year Journey

The Inventor of Fiat Money Finally Joins the Global Fiat Money Cartel. The Chinese currency (Yuan) has finally joined the elite club of national currencies in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket. Those of us who follow Chinese economic news have known about the IMF’s decision to include the Yuan in the SDR […]

Abortion & the Value of Human Life

Value Systems Should be Based on Facts. The values of a society are either based on facts or they are not. If values are not based on facts, then they are based on delusions, fantasies, myths, lies, or propaganda (i.e., half-truths and deception to conceal truth). Societies with values based on lies and propaganda are […]

Democracy Building for Dummies

Until and unless the U.S. Congress and White House provide a more functional model of Democracy for other countries to emulate, we can expect our planet to continue along its current path: global economic and social suffering, state devolution, civil wars, regional conflicts, and a relatively high probability of another devastating world war during our […]

Unknown Truth or Untrue Conspiracy?

Why is Truth Often Disregarded as a Conspiracy Theory? This is an important question because a society that can’t distinguish between truth and untrue conspiracy will inevitably suffer a breakdown in its economic, political, and social systems. As a former Cryptological Linguist and Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Government with a Top-Secret security clearance, I […]

The Mind of a Corrupt Organization

In “Unknown Truth or Untrue Conspiracy?” and “Is Institutional Corruption Only a Conspiracy Theory?” we learned about some of the most shocking government and corporate “conspiracy theories” that are actually true, despite self-serving governments, corporations, and political operatives who try to convince us that they are merely conspiracy theories. In this article, we’re going to […]

Is Institutional Corruption Only a Conspiracy Theory?

This article is intended as a map to hundreds of documented sources of government and corporate corruption and malfeasance. From now on, if you ever see anybody say, “It’s not that bad” or “that’s just a conspiracy theory,” now you can cure their delusions by pointing them to this article. All credit for the following […]